John Koester dominates Round 3 of the AMA Pro Hillclimb series in Canaan, N.H.

CANAAN, N.H. (June 17, 2016) - The annual Laconia Bike Week has just wrapped up the Ridge Runners Promotions AMA Pro Hillclimb Round 3 in Canaan, N.H. and was held in memory of Shawn P. Farnsworth last Wednesday, June 15. 

The Expert Singles Class was the first class to run during Wednesday’s race. Jay Sallstrom and John Koester were the first two riders and set the fast pace with 7.611- and 7.688-second rides. Sheldon Farnsworth, Johnny Curry, Devin Sweitzer and Nick Briggs broke into the 8.5 - 8.8-second range but it was Joseph Lowe who took the third spot in the first round with his 8.122-second finish. The second run featured faster times, however, no one would be able to beat the eventual TiLUBE Top Gun Award recipient, Sallstrom and his initial time of 7.611 seconds. Farnsworth stood third on the podium with 8.042 seconds while Lowe and Curry rounded out the top 5.

The Xtreme Class also started out with top runners as Koester and Phil Libhart were the first two riders. The only four riders who would break into the 7-second range during the first run were Koester, Libhart, Jockamo Baldina and Sallstrom, as Farnsworth finished just outside the group with 8.112 seconds. Koester's 7.089 seconds was half of a second faster than Libhart's 7.566 and Baldina's 7.592. Koester was able to better his time the second round with a 6.682-second run. Sallstrom also broke into the sixes with a time of 6.954 seconds. Strickler was able to take a podium finish in third with his second run time of 7.481 seconds. Libhart and Baldina both had 8.5-second runs to take fourth and fifth. 

The Unlimited Class saw reigning champion Koester take to the hill first as he blasted the circuit with a 6.485-second run, while Sallstrom would join him with 6.759 seconds and Libhart followed close behind with a 7.054 finish. Koester, Sallstrom and Libhart held onto the top three positions while Curry and Lowe followed with 7.448 and 7.517 finishes to take fourth and fifth positions.

The AMA Pro Hillclimb series travels to Rush Off Road in Rush, Ky. for Round 4 on Saturday, June 25, with racing action starting at 3:00 p.m. CT.